Meet Our Team


Smiley - Managing Director

Hello, my name is Phuong and I go with the nickname “Smiley” that passengers chose to call me while I was working as a professional tour guide/ tour leader for number travel companies in Vietnam. After almost 10 years of traveling and taking tours all over the country, I founded Custom Asia Travel and run the company with my wife, Fiona who shares my passion and ambition.
Our aim is to create a professional team of travel specialists who are able to turn your travel dreams into reality, contributing our destination knowledge and expertise and working closely with you to handcraft an itinerary around your specific travel preferences to arrive at the best possible experience.
Let’s join our team to get off the beaten tracks, enjoy stunning landscapes and learn the authentic cultures.
Here below are some of Custom Asia Travel’s key persons that I am proud of


Fiona - Director of sales

​​Studying in the tourism faculty of a university in Hanoi, I was trained to be a tourist guide. I really loved this job which helped me meeting many friends all over the world as well as to show them how lovely Vietnam is. Although I love leading tours and moving around, working as a tourist guide seemed not to be a suitable job for me after starting a family and having babies while travel is my passion. Thanks to my last job - tour guide and years of traveling all around Indochina, I got to know well how different tours going, what most oversea travelers are interested in. These have become a great foundation for my current job and I am able to inspire my travel consultant team at the office. Having helped thousands of travelers building their own dream trips to Indochina makes me love my job so much. Our beautiful Vietnam has so many things to offer. Come with us, we will make your travel dream comes true!


Huyen - Operation Manager

Xin chao! My name’s Thu Huyen from Operations Department.  I love my job in Custom Asia Travel where I help to ensure that everything is set beforehand and making sure that all the little details are ready for the guest’s arrival. I think traveling is an experience with many emotions. Therefore, I always do my best to bring the best services to our valued clients as you deserve it. And nothing is more wonderful than seeing our travelers off with big satisfied smiles at the end of the trips.  I'm here with our team to ensure that your holiday to Vietnam is a memorable one.


Susan - Sales Manager

Xin chao!!! My full name is Hien – it means Virtuousness, a characteristic of an honest person, and you can call me Susan as my business name. I like traveling and have spent a lot of time to travel throughout Indochina. During these travels, I have fallen in love with the beautiful destinations I visited and enjoyed meeting people of different cultures. Joining Custom Asia Travel is my best decision ever as I am able to create travel dreams for many people from all over the world. You love traveling of course and I share my passion. I am very proud to be a member of the C.A.T family and work in a very professional environment with my greatest colleagues. Come with us and let me know what you want your holiday to be. I am here and willing to create more dreams!


Robert - Directeur de commerce (Département de français)

Hai lui-même, parfaitement francophone, c’est également un homme de terrain passionné pour le voyage qui explore tous les coins du Vietnam. Il a rejoint Hong Phuong en 2014 et créé avec lui Custom Asia Travel, une agence de voyage locale francophone, spécialisé dans la création et l'organisation des circuits sur mesure en Indochine, surtout au Vietnam. Il vous aide à dénicher des merveilles caches et à vous faire explorer l’authenticité hors des sentiers battus. Son seul objectif est de vous faire réaliser votre voyage comme un explorateur et de vous faire découvrir autrement son pays.


Minh - Travel Specialist

"Xin chao! My name is Minh. I have over 12-year experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. I like traveling and that’s why I chose this work. Traveling means discovering new lands, meeting new friends, listening to new stories and having new experiences. I love my beautiful country, Vietnam, and I am lucky to have many chances to go and visit most of the famous and beautiful places in Vietnam as well as in Indochina. I am very proud to be a member of Custom Asia Travel and work in a very professional environment with a great team. I hope that with my experiences, I can assist you in planning and creating the most memorable trip for your holiday to Vietnam and Indochina and make you love my motherland as much as I do"

Julie Bui

Julie - Travel Specialist

Hello, my name is Julie. The story begins 4 years ago when I was a little UNI girl without much money, I did a very first solo trip to the mountainous area of Sapa in search of something new. My eyes kept glowing by the breathtaking terraced fields and my heart just melts once handing candies to some small H’mong children. From that on, my love for traveling turned huge and then everything has changed since I enter Custom Asia Travel, a place where I could set my foot in many different lands and met amazing travelers from all walks of life. I love listening to their stories, custom makes their travel plan and together we create perfectly fit itineraries for their holidays. It is always my passion and I am here to help travelers from far and wide, coming our way, fulfill their dream.

Lily An

Lily An - Travel Specialist

Hello everyone, I'm Lily An, a member of the sales department of Custom Asia Travel. I am a newcomer to the company's travel specialists. Despite young age, but with the passion for traveling, exploring new land and being blessed with many opportunities to travel to many places around Indochina countries, I decided to stick with this job to help and advise those who are interested in the land, the people and the culture of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, to discover the hidden beauty of my homeland and more. As a local travel specialist, I always want to help travelers find the most suitable route, the most appropriate time for the trip, and the accurate services to suit each customer's needs. After each trip, customer's satisfaction, their life experiences and big smiles are the primary goals of my job. Come and let me show you how good I am :).


Ha - Chief Accountant

Hello! I like numbers and problem solving, guess who I am :). As an accountant, I engage with everyone in the company and with you as well. I love working for this company as besides the numbers, I have so much fun with my cheerful and professional colleagues. I will see you at my office. Happy travel!


Lam - Tour Guide

Lam has been working as a tour guide for over 10 years, taking oversea travelers to all over Vietnam. Love traveling with small group like family groups, couples... He is loved and has got many excellent reviews by past clients on tripadvisor while working with Custom Vietnam Travel...


Thanh - Tour Guide

"Caring, Knowledgeable, Friendly..." that's how Custom Vietnam Travel's visitors have praised Thanh after hundreds of adventures since he joined the team. No matter what types of trip assigned, Thanh always executes beautifully.

"Having the job done with my whole heart" said Thanh...


Thuy - Tour Guide

Little Phuong Thuy is based in the south of Vietnam. "Her lovely smile melts the heat of Saigon" said one of her past visitors. You will find your visits amazing with Thuy as she has so much to tell about her motherland. Her great sense of humor and her excellent English will surely make your day...


Binh - Tour Guide

"Binh is amazing!" said by so many CAT's travelers. He's started his guiding job since 2001. He is very knowledgeable and owns lovely sense of humor that entertains visitors so much on his tour. Great with biking and trekking tours as he loves getting off the beaten tracks...


Kim - Tour Guide

Young Kim is a kind of personal guide that we are proud of. Hard-working, knowledgeable and very thorough in his job. Love biking, trekking... Love taking visitors to discover new lands. His spoken English is easy to understand. You won't never feel bored moving around with Kim...