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Love Waterfall - Be a Part of the Legend

Each destination has its own story and so does Love Waterfall in Sapa. This fall contains love stories that is beautiful and tearful enough to shake millions of hearts. The legend says that a long time ago, this waterfall was the place where fairies bathed. One day, one of the fairies was attracted by the fluting sound of a young boy and fell in love with him. After that, she came to the Love Waterfall every day to hear his songs. Unfortunately, her parents found out and forbade her from ever coming back to the waterfall. The fairy was so sad that she transformed herself into a bird just to be able to be together with her love forever. This is why this place was named the Love Waterfall. Besides of the intriguing love story, Love Waterfall is a fascinating destination that actually will give tourists unforgettable experiences. 

Love Waterfall

Love Waterfall is situated in the San Sa Ho Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province, about 14 kilometers from Sapa Town to the Southwest. From far a far distance, the waterfall looks like a twinkling pyramid under the sun. With a height of about 100 meter compared to sea level, Love Waterfall is the starting point of climbing travel itinerary conquering Fansipan peak and rush noisily into the Gold Stream like a never-ending song. Under the waterfall, the Gold Stream runs along with green grass plots and bamboo clusters, forming a poetic image. The stream flows the forest endlessly; to some places that only passionate people dare to venture into. Tourists will have a chance to discover the beauty of the primitive forests surrounded by taciturn mossy old canopy of bamboo. The lush immense bamboo forest is flickered with red, yellow and white of azalea flowers. The spectacular scenery like the ink-wash painting and the place is not yet on tourist’s radar has bought Love Waterfall to become one of appealing tourist attractions in Sapa alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists.

Love Waterfall - Gold Stream

Water flowing of Love Waterfall falls down the stream all year round. It takes about 30 minutes by motorbike or bus from Sapa Town for tourists to visit one of few most beautiful waterfalls in Sapa in particular and waterfalls in Vietnam in general. A minor note here that you will need to pay for entrance ticket. The price is 75,000 VND/ person (~$ 3.5) so you need to bring Vietnamese cash.   Almost all of tourists participating in Sapa tours do not want to miss this tourist site. 

It seems like traveling to Love Waterfall is not difficult, however, there are still some significances to keep in mind: 

- Bring Vietnamese Cash to pay for entrance ticket 

- Dress comfortably with warm clothes since the summer is always cool so wearing thick jacket and trekking shoes will keep you warm and safe from sloppy road

- Bring raincoat in case of raining or splashing water from the falls

- Do not litter. Carry a small bag for garbage.

- Lastly, bring a camera, portable charger, your phone, and a book or a notebook to take notes or to write down your memories.

Most of the tourists only visit the sights nearby Sapa. However, going the extra-mile and visiting the Love Waterfall will definitely be worth it. A beautiful place, hidden between the mountains, this waterfall is a must see for travel and nature enthusiasts around the world. Let include Love Waterfall into you Sapa Itinerary and Custom Asia Travel will be by your side to help you completing your journey.

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