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Fansipan Mountain - The Roof of Indochina

Vietnam is located in both a tropical and a temperate zone. It is characterized by strong monsoon influences, but has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity. However, do you know there is a place, in Vietnam, that usually known as “The roof of Indochina”? It is Fansipan – an eco-tourism spot that you might consider put into your bucket list.

Fansipan is part of the Hoang Lien Son Mountain range and is often referred to as the rooftop of the Indochina peninsula, watching over the terraced rice fields and ethnic villages from a height of 10,312 feet (3,143 meters). The mountain is located in the southwest of Sapa town, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province. When it comes to Sapa, Fansipan is an exciting attraction in Sapa for tourists since the mountain hides much strange impression to explore and discover.

The first thing that always attracts and challenges tourists is the height. To suite with the nickname “The roof of Indochina”, Fansipan Mountain has the altitude of 3,143m above the sea level which crowns it as the highest mountain in Vietnam and Indochina peninsula. Conquering Fansipan gradually becomes a strong desire for those who love adventure, and adventurous feelings since the road to reach the top is not easy, due to the fact that the towering Fansipan Mountain is structured by such rocks. However, it is all worthy. At the altitude of 2,400m, when the wind blends with the forest, tourists seemly touch the cloud nearby. From a height of 2,800m, the clouds suddenly disappear and the cloudless blue sky instead. Standing between heaven and earth, the mountain has challenged any climbing enthusiasts. Journey to conquer Fansipan Mountain will certainly be one of the unforgettable experiences for any tourists.

Views from the top of Fansipan

Second of all, on the journey conquering Fansipan peak, tourists also have opportunity to take the delight of breathtakingly picturesque nature scenes of North West region with the beautiful stretch of road in Sapa tourism. Nature has given Fansipan a diverse range of flowers. Through the thick and cold fog to reach the Fansipan peak, you will be amazed by the splendid red azalea hiding in the lush green trees and the white clouds. The delicate azalea petals are blown with the wind and drop down on ground, which creates the vividly red carpet of flowers. Not only azalea, the road to Fansipan in the spring will bring you to the stunning beautiful world of Hoang Lien Son mountain range’s beauty with impressively green bamboo and pine forest, the purely white plum flowers and pinkish peach blossom slightly shaking in the wind. In spite of the challenge and drawbacks on the road, the beauty of spring flowers is the precious gift for those determine to conquer Fansipan. At the moment you set your foot on the highest peak of Vietnam, you seem to hold the sky full of clouds in your arms, an unforgettable experience in your life. On the journey to discover Fansipan in Sapa tours, tourists will be immersed in the wonderful scenery.

Fansipan-Trekking Path

You can hike to Fansipan all year around, yet the most appropriate time for climbing is from September to March. During this time, the mountain wakes up by blooming flowers. From the top of Fansipan, under the thick layer of cloud is the rice terraces. Don’t miss out a chance to be surprised by its be witching beauty. A trekking to Fansipan usually takes 2 to 3 days and duration could be shorter if you have good physical health and need less resting time compared to others. However, if you are in no mood to take the arduous journey trekking up the mountain, are physically unable to, or if you are strapped for time, you can opt to take the newly built cable car. Opened since February 2016, Fansipan cable car tours have welcomed thousands of both domestic and foreign tourists. You can buy cable car tickets at the cable station, the price of tickets is listed publicly.

- The price for an adult ticket is VND 600,000 ($30)

- For children of 1m-1,3m in height is VND 400,000 ($20).

- Children below 1m in height can go free.

The tickets are circular magnetic ones and are magnetic cards so you have to keep it carefully because you will have to give it back. Note that the cable car tickets are only valid for use during the day of buying so do not buy in advance to keep tickets if you do not have time to go to Fansipan that day. The best way is when you go to the station to buy tickets directly because the payment process for cable car tickets quite fast and easy now, you do not have to wait for long as before. The whole climbing journey will be compressed into a matter of 20 minutes, instead of 2- 3 days climbing.

Fansipan - Cable Car Ride

If you choose cable car to go to Fansipan then you do not need to bring too many personal items. Preparing for yourself a thick jacket since the temperature in Fansipan could be cold, depend on the season that you chose to travel; a good camera with full charge of battery and some snacks to enjoy while riding the cable car- that’s all you need to pack with. However, if you decide to go with trekking plan, then you might consider these tips:

- Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes.

- Bring sleeping bags, waterproof tents, raincoat, toiletries and compass.

- Prepare essential foods and water (You don’t want to get dehydrated)

- Taking a small first aid kit is a great idea.

- Do not litter. Carry a small bag for garbage.

- Bring only the essentials. Do not carry too much.

- Lastly, bring a camera, portable charger, your phone, and a book or a notebook to take notes or to write down your memories.

Fansipan- Trekking 

Fansipan significantly contributes to promote image of Sapa travel to international friends. Some said that conquer this mountain is not easy, some said it is just a piece of cake. Easy or difficult? It is totally up to you. If you still have un-answered questions, please do not hesitate to contact Custom Asia Travel’s Experts. Give Fansipan a chance and maybe, the spectacular scenery here will give you an unforgettable journey.

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