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Bac Kan - Ba Be Lake

About Bac Kan
Bac Kan is in the Northeast of Vietnam famous for the beauty of Ba Be Lake, which is rich in mountainous ethnic identity with ethnic groups such as Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Hoa, San Chay, Kinh but accounts for the majority. Tay ethnicity is about 54% of the population. From Bac Kan province, it is possible to connect the tourist route to visit Cao Bang and Lang Son with equally beautiful landscapes.

What to do in Bac Kan?

1. Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake is one of 20 beautiful natural freshwater lakes of the world that need to be protected. In 2012, Ba Be Lake was recognized as a special national monument.

Bac Kan - Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake

2. Dau Dang Water fall
Spectacular waterfall with three steps, each cascade from 3-4m in length. This area is also the site of the fried fish, one of the rare species today with a weight of tens of kg.


Dau Dang Waterfall

3. Puong Cave
Inside the cave, strips of strange shaped rhinestones hang down and shine in the water. Further inside, the cave is quite dark but still attractive to visitors because on the dome of the cave there are thousands of bats living or staying.

Bac Kan - Ba Be Lake

Puong Cave

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