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Bac Son Valley

Bac Son is a rural district of Lạng Sơn Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam and it is situated 160km northeast of Hanoi.

One of the interesting aspects about this valley is its incredibly high mountains which are about 500-1200 meters high. These mountains, together with the valley’s paddy fields, create a great scenic landscape that you can only see its best after climbing to the peak of a mountain which is located just a few minutes from the town.

The valley’s pathways leads you to the paddy fields where you’ll get a chance to see the beautiful river that runs crossing the rice fields. Besides the valley itself, Bac Son district’s villages possess a beauty of their own. The district is inhabited by the Tay ethnic people and their traditional stilt houses. Some of overnight tours will be the best for both the beautiful scenery and learning the local life of the hill tribe.

Bac Son Valley

Bac Son town

What to do in Bac Son Valley?

1. Hiking up to the summit of Na Lay Mountain

One of Bac Son’s attractions you must see in your journey is Na Lay mountain. Na Lay Mountain is at an altitude of about 600m above the sea level. It is the place where most of Bac Son tourists come to because the view angle spreads out in the direction. It's a great point to view the Bac Son valley from above.


View of Bac Son rice field from Na Lay summit

2. Quynh Son Village of the ethnic Tay people

This is a village Tay people live here for a long time. Now with its tradition time, Quynh Son becomes an ideal destination every time you come to Bac Son to discover the local cultural identity and seeing the beautiful and peaceful sceneries. Quynh Son Village is leaning against the Limestone mountain, from there you can see Bac Son field and winding streams.

The first impression when you come here is Tay people’s village architecture with a lot of houses on stilts building focus on space. All roof's houses are designed to looking to the South, so you can see all view of mountains, forests, fields. The stilt houses are made of rare wood such as Iron-wood, Lauan, Meranti… At your first sight, you may think all of them are the same, but look clear, the difference is on the details of each house. However, no matter which house, you also feel the airy space and harmony with nature.

Bac Son Valley

Quynh Son village

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