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Cao Bang

About Cao Bang

The land with the blue sky, boundless sunshine and wind, rolling hills and mountains has made our souls fluttering and emotionally abundant. Perhaps the scene in the fog and the image of the Tay girl hugging the harp with a sad face evoked in us the inspirational poems, songs, music, paintings for us to admire and feel all What's most beautiful about this land is the eyes of an artist

What to do in Cao Bang?

1. Ban Gioc Waterfall
From a height of over 30 m, large bodies of water flow through many limestone steps. In the middle of the waterfall is a large rock tissue covered with trees that split the water into three streams like three white silk strips.

Cao Bang

Ban Gioc Waterfall

2. Pac Bo relic
Pac Bo relic is a revolutionary national historical site - in particular of Vietnam. The relics include: Uncle Ho memorial house, Coc Po cave (the local name means "upstream"), Lung Lan cave, Nguom Vai cave, Le nin stream, stone table where Uncle Ho works, the floor. Mr. Ly Quoc Gun, Mr. La Thanh's floor .

3. Nguom Ngao Cave
Nguom Ngao Cave is a large cave formed from the long weathering of limestone. Nguom Ngao (in Tay language means Tiger cave or "cave in the middle of rock valley") discovered by local people in 1921.


Nguom Ngao Cave

4. Nui Thung Mountain (Angle's Eye)

 In recent years Nui Thung mountain, also known as Mountain Angel Eye, has developed into a must-see location due to the area’s spectacular landscapes. Nui Thung can be found in Quoc Toan commune of Tra Linh district, with the mountain now one of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark’s most popular destinations. One of the mountain’s most notable features is a hole with a diameter of 50 metres close to its summit. Visitors consider the area’s landscapes to be extraordinarily wonderful. At the foot of the majestic mountains is a crystal blue lake which serves to create breathtaking scenery for guests to enjoy.

Cao Bang

Nui Thung Mountain

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