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Mu Cang Chai

About Mu Cang Chai

Being famed for the supremely eye-catching rice terraces, Mu Cang Chai is the best place for photographing in Vietnam Northern part. It lures all photographers, both amateurs and professionals, not only by the sheer terraces but the vibrant hill tribes’ culture and off-road hiking trails into the mountains. Early to middle September is considered the best time to reach the site when you could have a scenic view over the golden rice terraces which blanket the hills and valleys in the harvest season.
Meanwhile, early to late May is also another charming period of Mu Cang Chai with sparkling terraces and stunning green mountains in the water season. The area is populated mainly by hill tribes, in which Black Hmong accounts for 90% the population and the rest is Thai ethnic, becoming another attraction for culture lovers. Full-day trekking is most preferred by adventurers who would like to uncover its hidden gems.

Mu Cang Chai

Mam Xoi Rice Terrace

What to do in Mu Cang Chai?

Hiking trails

Don’t miss the off-the-beaten-track hiking trails which zigzag up the valleys and into the mountains if you love to explore the site at a lower pace. Passing layers of spectacular rice terraces dotted with hill tribes’ villages, you will have a lot of photographing opportunities, both for amateurs and professionals.

Khau Pha pass

With the altitude of 1,200 meters, Khau Pha pass is one of Four King Passes of Vietnam Northern part. It is also known as the most dangerous pass which is quite often covered by cloud. The winding pass offers a great view over the valley of rice terraces and pristine mountainous jungles.


trekking in Mu Cang Chai

Tu Le valley

Being a little town located at the foot of Khau Pha pass, Tu Le is a nice place for short hiking to visit the vast rice valley, shallow streams and hill tribes’ hamlets. People also are interested in its typical specialties namely ‘sticky rice’ and ‘com’ (green sticky rice).

Nghia Lo town

Nghia Lo is home to Muong Lo – the second biggest rice field of Vietnam Northern part, about 2 hour drive from Mu Cang Chai. Cycling is most preferred by tourists who reach the site, offering them an opportunity to wander around the immense rice fields, the rustic rural villages and green mountains.

Homestay overnight

Homestays are easily found in Thai village, Mu Cang Chai or in Nghia Lo. Most of them are sharing stilt houses with basic facilities, clean and cozy. This experience cannot be missed if you love exploring the daily life, customs and typical dishes of the tribes

Mu Cang Chai

Flood season on terraced field of Khau Pha Valley

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