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Top Things to Do in Ninh Binh

Exploring the Beauty of Ninh Binh: Unveiling Vietnam's Hidden Gem

Nestled in the northern part of Vietnam, Ninh Binh is a hidden gem that promises awe-inspiring landscapes and cultural treasures. Often referred to as "Halong Bay on Land," Ninh Binh boasts stunning limestone karsts, verdant rice paddies, and historic sites that beckon travelers seeking a unique and enriching experience. Here's a comprehensive guide to the best things to do in Ninh Binh:

1. Trang An Landscape Complex: Embark on a boat journey through the Trang An Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Navigate through caves and waterways, surrounded by towering limestone formations and lush greenery.

2. Tam Coc - Bich Dong: Experience a tranquil sampan ride along the Ngo Dong River as you pass through the captivating landscapes of Tam Coc. Admire the beauty of the Bich Dong Pagoda complex nestled against the karst hills.

3. Bai Dinh Pagoda: Explore the grandeur of Bai Dinh Pagoda, one of Vietnam's largest Buddhist pagodas. Marvel at the intricate architecture and expansive temple complex set against a backdrop of rolling hills.

4. Mua Cave Viewpoint: Hike up the steps to the Mua Cave Viewpoint for panoramic vistas of Ninh Binh's breathtaking scenery. The effort is rewarded with spectacular views of the Tam Coc area.

5. Hoa Lu Ancient Capital: Discover the historic ruins of Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam. Explore the temples dedicated to Emperor Dinh and Emperor Le, offering insights into the country's rich past.

6. Cycling Tours: Pedal through the picturesque countryside on a cycling tour. Traverse charming villages, rice fields, and meandering pathways for an authentic Ninh Binh experience.

7. Van Long Nature Reserve: Embark on a serene rowboat ride through Van Long Nature Reserve. Spot a variety of bird species and immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings.

8. Cuc Phuong National Park: Venture into Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam's oldest national park. Trek through lush forests, encounter diverse wildlife, and visit the Endangered Primate Rescue Center.

9. Explore Ancient Temples: Visit the picturesque temples of Ninh Binh, such as Phat Diem Cathedral and Thai Vi Temple. Admire their unique architectural styles and historical significance.

10. Local Cuisine: Indulge in Ninh Binh's local cuisine, known for its freshwater specialties. Don't miss out on dishes like goat meat and eel vermicelli, which offer a tantalizing blend of flavors.

11. Bird-Watching at Thung Nham: Engage in bird-watching at Thung Nham Bird Garden. Observe a variety of bird species in their natural habitat, including storks and egrets.

12. Bai Dinh Complex at Night: Experience the enchantment of Bai Dinh Pagoda at night. Witness the illuminated pagodas and enjoy a serene atmosphere away from the daytime crowds.

13. Discover Ancient Crafts: Explore traditional handicraft villages in Ninh Binh, such as Van Lam embroidery village and Ninh Van stone carving village. Witness artisans at work and shop for unique souvenirs.

14. Relaxing Boat Rides: Enjoy leisurely boat rides along the tranquil waterways of Ninh Binh. Let the gentle currents guide you through serene landscapes.

15. Hoa Lu Tam Coc Festival: If visiting during the Hoa Lu Tam Coc Festival (held on the 10th and 11th days of the third lunar month), partake in vibrant parades, cultural performances, and traditional games.

Ninh Binh offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and serene escapes. Whether you're navigating through ancient grottoes, exploring historic sites, or immersing yourself in the local way of life, Ninh Binh promises a truly unforgettable journey. Embrace the tranquility and splendor of this hidden gem as you uncover the treasures that await in every corner.

Jul 26, 2023

By Custom Asia Travel


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