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Southeast Asia 10-Day Tours
Explore Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia.

Explore the wonders of Southeast Asia with our curated collection of 10-day tour itineraries. Immerse yourself in the rich cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant cities of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. From the ancient temples of Angkor Wat to the bustling streets of Bangkok, each itinerary is crafted to provide a perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and cultural discovery. Browse through our diverse options and let your travel dreams take flight. These itineraries are more than just plans; they are gateways to unforgettable experiences. Start envisioning your next journey with us!

Travlers' Choice
Image by Omar Elsharawy

Whitney B

Dec 2022

I cannot say enough positives about Custom Asia Travel! We visited Vietnam in December/January 2023 and had an amazing trip with our 3 teens. The itinerary exceeded our expectations! We travelled to Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, and Nha Trang. We had no issues with any of our transportation around the country - our drivers and guides were always there on time (early, actually), friendly and helpful. The accommodations were excellent and our guides were fantastic (Tanh, Tanh, and Viet - they were awesome!). Every place we stayed put our rooms right next to each other, often adjoining, and the kids’ room always had two twin beds and a cot, while my husband and I had a king bed. This was perfect as our teenagers did not want to share beds, lol! The activities were super fun and appealed to all of us. So many highlights - the kids loved the rice farm tour (riding the water Buffalo elicited the biggest smile we’ve ever seen from our 16 year old!), seeing the caves in Ninh Binh, the cooking class in Hoi An, and Ha Long Bay. I really appreciated that some of our itinerary was focused on less crowded activities - a couple of the temples we saw were practically empty, allowing us to enjoy and experience these beautiful sites on our own. We did a couple of bike rides which were also highlights, such a great way to explore and see the area! Minh was available and responsive while planning the trip and while we were there. I agree with others reviews about whether she ever sleeps! She was able to coordinate our luggage getting dropped off as it did not arrive with us, and contacted one of the hotels about a ring that had been left, and arranged for us to pick it up. She was warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and so helpful. We truly had a relaxing and stress free trip because of the excellent customer service from Minh and our guides. With only having 12 days to visit we were so grateful to be able to enjoy the travel and know that Minh and her team were there if and when needed. I highly recommend using this company, you will not regret it! Now I am dreaming of how quickly we can make it back!! Thank you thank you to Minh and the team, our trip was unforgettable!



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Southern Vietnam (2 nights) - Central Vietnam (2 nights - Northern Vietnam (5 nights)

This 10-day tour of Vietnam takes you to some of the country's most popular destinations, including Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Hanoi, Ninh Binh and Halong Bay. You'll have the chance to explore vibrant cities, learn about Vietnam's history, and take in breathtaking natural landscapes. The tour ends with your departure from Hanoi.



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Northern Vietnam: Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Lang Son - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi

Explore the diverse landscapes of Northern Vietnam on this cycling tour. From the historic city of Bac Ninh to the stunning Bac Son Valley, you'll experience the unique beauty of the region before heading to Halong Bay for a relaxing cruise. With unforgettable scenery and cultural experiences, this tour is a must-do for any adventure seeker.



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Northern Vietnam (6 Nights) - Siem Riep, Cambodia (3 Nights)

The North of Vietnam is the birthplace of the thousand-year culture of Vietnamese people. Traveling to this region, visitors will discover fascinating natural landscapes and many impressive architectural works created by the skillful hands of man. Besides, the temple...



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Hanoi (5 Nights) - Mu Cang Chai (3 Nights) - Halong Bay (1 Nights)

Traveling in northern Vietnam for a short time and you need a trip with a balance between adventure and relaxation; between nature and local culture, this is your trip. The terraced-rice-fields landscapes of...



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Northern Laos (5 nights) - Central Laos (1 night) - Southern Laos (3 nights)

Embark on a captivating 10-day journey through Laos, from the UNESCO city of Luang Prabang to the enigmatic Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang. Explore the capital, Vientiane, before venturing south to Pakse and the serene 4000 Islands along the Mekong River.



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Northern Vietnam: Hanoi - Luc Yen - Sapa - Mu Cang Chai - Halong Bay - Hanoi

Embark on a 10-day tour of Northern Vietnam, where you'll trek through tranquil valley of Luc Yen and the breathtaking rice terraces of Sapa and Mu Cang Chai. Immerse yourself in the local culture, before taking in the stunning landscape of Halong Bay



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Northern Laos ( 4 Nights) - Central Laos (2 Nights) - Southern Laos (3 Nights)

Be amazed by the religious life of Luang Prabang, Discover the peculiar Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang, Enjoy rambling in the languid capital Vientiane with ancient temples and French colonial buildings, Admire the scenic 4000 Islands area of the legendary Mekong River.



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Hanoi (4 Nights) Ninh Binh (1 Nights) - Sapa (1 Nights) -  Mu Cang Chai (2 Nights) - Halong Bay (1 Nights)

Embark on a 10-day adventure through Northern Vietnam. Explore Hanoi, Ninh Binh's limestone karsts, Sapa's misty mountains, Mu Cang Chai's terraced fields, and cruise Halong Bay's limestone islands. Unforgettable sights await at every turn.



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Northern Vietnam: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Pu Luong Nature - Ninh Binh - Halong - Hanoi

This cycling tour takes you on a scenic journey through the north of Vietnam, with stunning landscapes in Pu Luong, Ninh Binh, and Halong Bay. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to learn about local cultures and the unique way of life of different ethnic minorities. With breathtaking scenery and rich cultural experiences.



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Southern Vietnam (3 Nights) - Cambodia (6 Nights)

The combination of southern Vietnam and the two biggest destinations of Cambodia will create an impressive and convenient trip. The trip starts from Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of southern Vietnam and then to the Mekong Delta, a lush green countryside...



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Bangkok (3 nights) - Norhern Thailand (3 nights) - Southern Beach (3 nights)

Discover the incredible diversity of Thailand's finest destinations on this well-arranged itinerary. From experiencing the timeless grandeur of Thailand’s cities, temples, and landscapes on a cross-country adventure, to your...



10 Days/ 9 Nights

Start from Phnom Penh - Kampong Chhnang - Battambang - Siem Reap - Tonle Sap Lake - Siem Reap Departure

Embark on the "Impressive Cambodia" 10-day tour and discover the heart and soul of Cambodia through its most awe-inspiring destinations. This journey will take you through the ancient wonders of Siem Reap, the bustling vibrancy of Phnom Penh, the charming allure of Battambang, and the serene beauty of Tonle Sap Lake.


18 Days

Ho Chi Minh City - Cu Chi Tunnels - Mekong Delta - Hoi An - Hue - DMZ Zone - Vinh Moc Tunnels - Phong Nha - Hang En - Hanoi - Ha Giang - Ba Be National Park - Lan Ha Bay

Halong Bay

14 Days

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - Cu Chi Tunnels - Mekong Delta - Hue - Hoi An - Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Bac Ninh - Halong Bay - Hanoi

Hanoi Cyclo

09 Days

Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - Cu Chi Tunnels - Ben Tre (In Mekong Delta) - Hoi An - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi - Departure from Hanoi

Ninh Binh Tour

14 Days

Start from Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Pu Luong - Hoa Binh - Van Ho - Moc Chau - Mu Cang Chai - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Departure from Hanoi

Phu Quoc

Essence of Vietnam

14 Days

Start from Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hoi An - Ho Chi Minh City - Phu Quoc Island - Departure from Ho Chi Minh City

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